Friday, 21 July 2017

The great East Didsbury dilemma ...... the train or the tram and a history lesson

Now if I lived in East Didsbury, let’s say in Parrs Wood Court or the new build beside it I think I would find it difficult to choose between the train or the tram to get me in to the city centre.

Given that I am a tad lazy I suspect it would be the train which would whizz me into Piccadilly in no time but if I worked by Central Ref I might on the other hand opt for the slower more picturesque journey on the Metro which would drop me right outside.

Of course there would have been a time when the only train available would have been that from Didsbury Station which opened for eager passengers in 1880 leaving me a full 29 years to wait to travel from East Didsbury and Parrs Wood on the line operated by the London and North Western Railway which started in 1909.

And those full of railway knowledge may point out that the Didsbury line from Central closed in 1967 leaving me no option but to fall back on the red Corporation bus or the that train from East Didsbury.

Having said that I have sat on that station and watched all those express trains from the airport slice the air as they hurtle nonstop through East Didsbury before arriving at Piccadilly.

It's pretty annoying given that there is a train which you can see and hear  but it ain’t going to stop, while just across the road there will always be a tram.

But then I live in Chorlton and if I choose to travel by tram in the rush hour I can be fairly certain that I will have to stand for the entire journey on a tram which began its journey at East Didsbury..

Painting; East Didsbury Station,  © 2015 Peter Topping, Paintings from Pictures,
Facebook:  Paintings from Pictures

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