Thursday, 6 July 2017

When horses raced on Middle Park Meadows

Middle Park Meadows circa 1900
Well I had no idea that we had a race course and the hunt is on to found out more.

And of course as ever the starting point has to be Mr Gregory’s book on Eltham published in 1909.

“The Eltham Races were also notbable events of the sixties [1860s].

The course was in the ‘Harrow Meadows,’ which lie between Eltham Green and Kidbrook-lane.

The meet was usually attended by prominent patrons of sport, amongst them on one occasion being his Majesty King Edward, who was then Prince of Wales.”

And no sooner had I posted this than Christine wrote "that I've just been reading on Wikipedia. 

The Middle Park Stakes was founded by William Blenkiron and named after his Stud at Eltham. Established in 1866 and originally called The Middle Park Plate. 

He sounds a very interesting man, well worth reading about him. He died at Middle Park on 25 Sept 1871 aged 64 and was buried on 30th in Eltham Churchyard."

There is even a picture but I will leave you to find that.

Location, Eltham, London

Picture; Middle Park Meadows from Bridge Lane,  from The story of Royal Eltham, R.R.C. Gregory, 1909 and published on The story of Royal Eltham, by Roy Ayers, 

* The story of Royal Eltham, R.R.C. Gregory, 1909, page 294

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