Saturday, 12 August 2017

Ordsall Hall ................. returning to an old favourite

It’s with a bit of shame that I have to admit I haven’t been back to Ordsall Hall in decades.

Back a long time ago it was one of those places along with Clayton, Wythenshawe and Baguley Halls which were part of a day out.

But Peter’s painting has set me thinking it is time I went.

It is after all a fine building with a history which goes back to the 15th century on a site where there has been a house since at least 1251.

And since it was bought by Salford Corporation there will be many with fond memories of day visits to the place when it was a museum.

And perhaps a few stories from when it was a working man's club in the 1870s

Location; Salford

Painting; Ordsall Hall, Salford. Painting © 2012 Peter Topping, 


  1. Apart from a visit a few years ago- which I reccomend to all - my only memory is seeing it as a bungalow back in the 1960's. There was so much rubbish fly tipped up against the building that you could walk up to the first floor windows with your feet at window cill level and touch the gutters. various windows were missing and it was a playground for local kids and vagrants, much like what had happened to Hough End Hall. On my visit I was able to marvel at the restoration work to a greater degree having seen its former state. Today it almost looks to be a newly built recreation.