Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Mark Addy in happier times ............. pictures from the 1980s

Now here is a place i have fond memories of and I rather think I may well have been in there around the time John Casey took these picture of the Mark Addy.

It may have been one of the new Salford pubs but it had a lot going for it not least because of its beer garne on the river.

We were there with our Jill and Jeff in November 2015.

And then came the floods on Boxing Day.

Pictures in the MEN showed the bar full of river mud and the newspaper speculated that “it might not reopen.”

More recently the paper struck a more optimistic note.

And because I haven’t been down recently I will await the comments of others.

Location; Salford

Pictures; the Mark Addy circa 1980s, from the collection of John Casey

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  1. They wouldn't let me in when it first opened in 1981 due to a strict 'smart dress only' code, which was later relaxed.