Monday, 18 December 2017

It’s all in the tradition ......... 30 and a bit years of Christmas trees from A J Adams

Now the blog doesn’t do adverts, never has, never will, so this is less a trade promotion and more just a thank you to Tony and his staff in the precinct for the Christmas trees they have supplied us over three decades.

Once and it was a long time ago I would go down to the shop and carefully inspect the trees, but I was rubbish at choosing, and so now I just leave it to Tony who has not disappointed me.

The tree is part of the festive deal, and while we no longer go in for coloured lights, tinsel, or the Red Star on the top, the decorations are a mix of forty-one years of celebrating Christmas in Scott’s old house opposite the Rec.

There is no themed style, just an assortment of ornaments, some handmade, others bought by the kids, and a few salvaged from mum and dad’s.

Many of them are associated with a story and are just part of what makes our Christmas.

Tony’s two trees arrived this morning and tonight or first thing tomorrow we will put them up and the day after decorate them.

Why two?   Well it's a long story which is now pretty much lost in the mists of time, but doable because Tony looks after us.

So that is it.

Location; almost Christmas

Picture; the trees from A J Adams, 2017 from the collection of Andrew Simpson

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