Saturday, 2 December 2017

Ten minutes in a railway station .............. Piccadilly July 14 2015 ....... leaving

Now I like railway stations which are only bettered by airports.

But unlike airports there is no air side which is really the mark of when the holiday begins.

Until then you have the hassle of the taxi, worrying that you have the right terminal and that your bags are the right size, the right weight and above all don’t show you up later on the carrousel at your destination.

So having smiled at the UK security officers who don’t smile back, once you are on air side that is petty much it and you can fell the holiday starting.

But trains are different, walking from the concourse on to the platform can’t be judged “as going airside.”

That said there is still that bit of excitement as you mount the train, find your seat and wait for it to pull out of the station slowly gathering speed.

And then in what seems just minutes bits of inner city Manchester whizz past and the adventure has started.

Location; Manchester

Pictures; Ten minutes in a railway station .............. Piccadilly July 14 2015, from the collection of Andrew Simpson

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