Sunday, 17 December 2017

The Asylum Tavern

Now there will heaps of people far more qualified to pass comment on the Asylum Tavern.

The last time I passed the place will have been in the summer of 1960 and given that I was just ten I doubt that it even registered with me.

So Peter’s painting has caught my interest but I have yet to discover much about its history.

I know there was a pub on the spot by 1874 and that in between 1913-15 the landlady was a Mrs M Garwood to which I can add that her telephone number was New Cross 1625, and that is about it.

I was tempted to phone the number but of course that would just have been silly.  Instead I tried phoning the one that is currently listed but “the number you dialled hasn’t been recognised” which just left that excellent pub site London Pubology which offered a an opening date of 1851 but no new telephone number.*

So that is about it except that I doubt looking at Peter’s painting that this is the building dating back to 1851.

But we shall see.

Painting; The Asylum Tavern, © 2015 Peter Topping 


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* London Pubology,

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