Wednesday, 27 December 2017

The lost Eltham & Woolwich pictures ...... no. 45 ..... from the station

Now I say from the station, but I can' be sure, but the direction and the height would suggest I was looking down from the stairs that led form the platform to the road below.

This was one of the pictures I took of Eltham and Woolwich in the mid ‘70’s which sat undisturbed in our cellar.

But all good things eventually come to light.

They were colour slides which have been transferred electronically.

The quality of the original lighting and the sharpness is sometimes iffy, but they are a record of a lost Eltham and Woolwich.

And this one in particular is a lost scene because of course I could never replicate the shot.

The creation of a new station east of the old one means that there is no way I can stand on the same spot and that is shame because for two a bit years it meant I was home having left New Cross and a school I didn’t warm too for Eltham.

Somewhere just hidden from view was our house on Well Hall Road and beyond it the woods.

All very reassuring.

Location; Eltham

Picture; Eltham, circa 1978, from the collection of Andrew Simpson

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