Monday, 23 April 2018

Looking for a paper clip and a hole puncher on Chapel Street

Everyone takes pictures of the old Police Station on Chapel Street, but not our Andy.

Instead he recorded the premises of George Ellis Office Equipment & Stationary which was next door.

Now there will be a story here and I bet the memories will come flooding in from those who as  young office workers were sent out to buy  2 dozen boxes of paper clips, assorted envelopes and some tinted card.

I wasn’t one of them, but those same memories might offer up a date for its closure which predates 2011.

And until then I will leave you with picture, secure in the knowledge that Derek the Developer won’t let this prime site remain empty for another decade.

But not quite, because Jac Marsh posted "Yes. I went for those paper clips. They also had photocopiers from a company I worked for later".

Location; Salford

Picture; Chapel Street, 2018 from  the collection of Andy Robertson

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