Sunday, 13 May 2018

A first for Salford ........... Bailey’s Patent Steam Kettle as seen in Slater’s Directory of 1850

Now I don’t actually know if W H Bailey & Co of the Albion Works Regent Road Salford, were the first to make a steam kettle, but I would like to think they were.

Either way their claim was pretty impressive and came as a full page advert in Slater’s Directory for 1850.

Their machine offered  “HOT WATER for BREAKFAST or TEA for Works, Hotels, Steam Ships, Hospitals, Prisons , and Ayslums, ......... Direct from the Waterworks Main of from an Overhead Cistern”  


It came in two sizes.  The Nu 1 stood 4 feet in height  and costs £8 10s and the Nu 2 which was two feet taller,  was suitable for 500 men and was priced at £15.

And had I a mind to I could have seen them at work around Manchester and Salford at Johnson & Nephew, Bradford Iron Works, Topp & Hindley, 19 New Brown Street, Manchester and Robert Neill & Sons Builders Contractors, Strangeways as well as the firm’s “works and a great many more at home and abroad.

Location, Manchester & Salford

Picture; Slater’s Directory, 1850

*Salter’s General & Classified Directory and Street  Register of Manchester and Salford and their Vicinities, 1850.

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