Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Bell Water Gate, 1977 a little bit of that lost Woolwich

Bell Water Gate, 1977
Its official I have joined that legion of grumpy old people who lament the passing of the places I knew as a youngster.

Now I could blame my friend Jean who has dug out and sent me a shed load of photographs of Eltham, Woolwich Blackheath and Shooters Hill from the 1970s.

But that would be unfair as she did what I asked.

The fault lies not with Jean but with me and that lingering sense of nostalgia that hangs about me from time to time.

Some of the pictures reveal changes that can only be for the best but others; well I am not so sure.

Take for Instance Bell Water Gate in Woolwich beside the Leisure Centre.

It sweeps off towards the car park and is neat and clean and allows a panoramic view across the river.

But I rather like it as it was, a little shabby and run down and a reminder of an older Woolwich.

That said I know Jean will smile indulgently and point out that I don’t have to live there, and I have to admit that we used to enjoy going to the Leisure Centre when my lads were younger and then gazing across the Thames.

So perhaps it’s best that I just accept my elevation to that grey, crinkly band of old fogies and reflect that all things change.

Picture; Bell Water Gate, 1977, Jean Gammons


  1. That looks so like my first car a dark green Austin 1100. It even had the same stick on philips screen heater - I bought in 1977 do you have the reg No in another pic?