Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Don’t stay away from Salford for too long .........

Now I think it is a very sound observation that if you move away from where you grew up, make sure you return regularly, because if you don’t you may not  recognise the old haunts.

I left my bit of south east London 40 years ago, and now some of the places I knew so well might as well be Mars, because they have changed beyond recognition.

And I am guessing it will be much the same for people who left Salford, because the redevelopment of the area close by the river has been dramatic as it has been swift.

Usually there are a few landmarks left by which you can get your bearings but in the last ten years many of those have gone.

So here from the collection of Andy Robertson are some scenes which are just about recognisable.

I won’t give captions, just comment that they were all were taken on a May day in 2018.

Location Salford

Pictures; from the collection of Andy Robertson

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