Sunday, 20 May 2018

Kemp’s Corner on the corner of Barlow Moor and Wilbraham Roads .......... sometime in the early 1960s

The name Kemp’s Corner is not so familiar now but once and until quite recently it was the place you arranged to meet up.

In that pre-mobile age when arrangements to meet someone had to be done in advance and then stuck to
Harry Kemp’s chemist shop was the perfect spot.

Not only was it on the corner of two busy roads with plenty of bus stops but there was a large clock above the shop.

Harry Kemp had opened his shop in the early years of the 20th century, had another one on Beech Road and was one of our three councillors who were elected in 1904 after Chorlton along with the other three townships had voted to join the City.

It continued as a chemist well into the century and is now the HSBC.

All of which makes this picture quite a find.  It is one I haven’t seen before and I have to thank Mark Flynn for permission to reproduce it.

Mark as a vast collection of picture postcards .

Pictures; Kemp's Corner, circa early 1960s courtesy of Mark Fynn

*Manchester Postcards,


  1. Another great piece of our history Andrew.

  2. Is that a large crane in the background on Wilbraham Road? Could the photo be dated more exactly knowing the construction?

  3. That is not a large crane. It is a gigantic set square on the roof of a stationers who were having a sale of geometry equipment.

  4. And a whole new way of looking at the world Simon!

  5. According to information on one of the photos in the Manchester Local Images collection this corner was the scene of a serious road traffic accident in the late 1950's. Does anyone have any knowledge of this?