Thursday, 31 May 2018

Mrs Martha Thorpe, the slaughter house and a new row of shops on Beech Road

Now when Mrs Thorpe opened her “slaughter house” in 1879 on Beech Road I doubt she thought that she would still be there selling cuts of meat, mince and tripe at the dawn of the next century.

Looking don towards the "slaughter house" circa 1900
But that is just exactly what happened and in the process will have been visited by countless customers in what is now Elk, which given its name is an interesting turn of events for what was originally a shop dealing in dead animals.

Until recently I had no idea of the date of the building and it was only as I trawled the rate books that its age came to light.

The rate books will tell you who owned the property and if it was rented and the estimated annual rent along with its rateable value.

And by slowly tracking back year by year it will be possible to arrive at the date the building was completed and first assessed for rates.

In our case this was 1878, not long after Chorlton Row and been renamed Beech Road, and when there were still farms, and smithy within a few minute’s walk of Mrs Thorpe’s business.

Beech Road, circa 1900
The discovery of the “slaughter house” was not an accident and came out of the research on the bars of Chorlton for the new book Chorlton pubs and bars, which we published last week.

The book is the story of the 33 Chorlton pubs and bars and while some of our pubs date back to the late 18th century the bars are relatively new.*

And that poses a problem when you are writing about their history and the stories behind their doors.

So as you do I went looking into their earlier history which was as varied and interesting as the bars themselves.

But for more you will just have to buy the book.

Location; Chorlton

Picture; Beech Road circa 1900 from the Lloyd collection

You can  order the book at Peter at or the old fashioned way on 07521 557888 or from Chorlton Bookshop

**A new book on the pubs and bars of Chorlton,

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