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So what was going on at All Saints in Weaste on July13 1912?

Now here is a mystery worthy of investigation.

We are at All Saints Church in Weaste on July 13 1912 and it would be fun to know exactly what was going in.

Of course the most obvious suggestion would a fete or perhaps even a celebration of the establishment of the church which “began as the mission church of St. Paul in the parish of St. Luke's was built in 1903, extended by Rev. Theodore Emmott, and consecrated as All Saints on 31 January 1910. 

An Order in Council, 19 July 1910 (London Gazette, 26 July) assigned part of St. Luke's parish to All Saints.

In 1949 the parishes were re-united as St. Luke with All Saints.”*

It was situated on the Eccles New Road with its vicarage at nu 542 close to Stott Lane.

Now some at least of the records of the church are in the Manchester Archives and Local Studies centre so

I may find a clue there to this event and a trawl of the papers might also turn something up.**

July 13 1912 was a Saturday and if I wanted to be really nerdy I guess I could find out the weather for the day.

But I shall close with that name on the bottom left hand corner which is a G Greenhalgh who may have been the photographer and who may also have been responsible for turning it into a picture postcard.

I found a George Fredrick Greenhalgh at 17 Derby Street but there is no listing of him as having a photographic studio.

Not that any of this detracts from what is a nice photograph of an unknown event in Salford in 1912 and leaves me to ponder on whether any of those staring out at us were related to the men who appear on the All Saints War Memorial now in St Lukes.***

Location; Salford

Picture; All Saints in Weaste on July13 1912, a picture postcard from the collection of David Harrop

*The National Archives,

** Manchester Archives and Local Studies

***Salford War Memorials,

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