Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Stories from an election, Chorlton May 1980

It was the first year into a Conservative Government and the 1980 election campaign in Chorlton was fought out on both local issues and national ones.

The Conservative called on the electorate to “Stop The Labour Rot in Chorlton” the Liberals pointed to their growing “revival in the city of Manchester” and Labour reflected on the cost to the electorate after a year of Conservative Government.

So here are extracts from leaflets that the three parties pushed through doors in the May of 1980.

The Conservative candidate was Maureen Vince, the Labour candidate was Harold Brown, and the Liberal candidate was John Commons.

Some wondered about a slogan that called for the electorate to "Stop the Labour Rot in Chorlton," when all three elected councillors were Conservative, but the upshot was a Tory victory, although their vote was well down on previous years.

And in 1986 Labour gained its first council seat here in Chorlton with the election of David Black.

Pictures; from the collection of Andrew Simpson

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