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Lost and forgotten streets of Salford nu 12 .......... Barn Street

Barn Street is so totally lost and forgotten that I have yet to find it on any street directory.

Nu 38-42 Greengate circa 1895
Now I know it existed because Val’s mother was born at number 14 Barn Street in 1904 and there is also a reference in a Salford Council report from 1910 indicating that four of the houses opposite were unfit for human habitation along with several others in the street.

But at first I could not locate it on either the 1849 nor the 1894 OS maps for the area which I suppose means that it was too small, too insignificant and its residents too poor to warrant its name being recorded.

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries the family lived off Greengate.  Val’s grandmother was born on East Philip Street, and later after she had married Mr Mitchell they were on Collier Street moving to Frederick Street by 1911.

So I reckoned it was reasonable to suppose that Barn Street was somewhere off Greengate.

Barn Street in 1849
But it turns out it was just a little to the north of St Stephen's Church located off Brewery Street running parallel with Rosamond Street.

The discovery came as it always does from a bit of painstaking research which involved trawling through all 30 of the census returns for Greengate in 1901.

And there at number 27 in the list of streets was ours, and armed with the key streets around Barn Street it was possible to find it on the OS map for 1849.

Later I will go make and get a sense of what the residents were like, but for now I will  just leave you with a picture of  another part of Greengate which is the row of houses just beyond Gorton Street along with the map of Barn Street.

And for those with an interest in that other place over the river, there were four Barn Streets listed in 1903, stretching from Openshaw in the east, to Moss Side in the south, and Moston and Blackley.

Location; somewhere in Salford

Picture; number 38-42 Greengate, circa 1895 from a picture postcard, in the collection of Mrs Bishop and detail of the area in 1849 from the OS for Manchester & Salford, 1842-49, courtesy of Digital Archives Association,

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