Friday, 29 June 2018

Lost and forgotten streets of Salford ........... nu 24 Greengate and the one they got wrong

Now in the catalogue this is labelled Chapel Street but I am fairly confident we are in fact on Greengate, because this is the Flying Dutchman, a pub I have written about before.

The gap in the buildings is Mallet’s Court and if you were to walk a few yards back past the pub heading to our right you would be on Gorton Street.

There is no date but it must be later than 1900 because in that year Mr Samuel Coulthurst photographed the collection of buildings and included in the picture was a tall house on the extreme left which in this image has been demolished.

Nor can I think it can post date 1910 because by the following year the pub is listed as a boarding house.

The photograph also yields up the name of the brewery supplying the Flying Dutchman which was the Cornbrook Brewery.

It had started up in the 18th century, was registered in 1885 and after modest acquisitions of other breweries was bought up by Carringtons in 1961 and finally closed in 1973.

At the beginning of the 20th century it was on Elsemere Street in Hulme.

I doubt their records have survived but I shall go looking after all it would be intriguing to know why they thought it necessary to take replace the old sign with the name of the pub for one advertising themselves.

All of which just leaves me to thank Alan Jennings who spotted my mistake in calling the pub the Flying Horseman and added a fine piece of extra information.

"Hi Andrew, the pub was called the Flying Dutchman, it was named after the 1849 Derby winner,the pubs name is on the lamp above the door, in 1850 it was a Whip makers shop then two years later it became the pub, in the early 1900's the pub was one of several that the Authorities wanted to close.

The Cornbrook brewery had a lease on the property and in July 1905, they installed a new licensee, Thomas Carney who moved there from the Waterloo Hotel further along Greengate. 

Eight months later the police reported that the place was still being used by thieves and other bad characters and so it was referred for Compensation , the Brewery were awarded £607 and it closed in 1907... this info came from Salford Pubs by Neil Richardson and also another wonderful little book called November Skies..."

Location; Salford

Additional information from Alan Jennings

Picture; Chapel Street, date unknown, W Ellis, M77245, courtesy of Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives, Manchester City Council,

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