Sunday, 22 July 2018

Looking at some 18th century cottages on Avery Hill Road in New Eltham

Now these properties I had no idea existed nor that there was anything this old along this part of New Eltham.

So there you are a little bit of the 18th century in New Eltham and a description of the buildings from Darrel Sprugeon

“Theobolds Cottages are on Avery Hill Road and are a terrace of old cottages, the only survivors of the hamlet of Pope Street.

Despite the date 1817 on the front, they date back at least to the 1760s.

The porches are modern.”*
And they are on Avery Hill Road  just opposite Sparrows Lane, which once led to Sparrows Farm, but that is for another time.

*Discover Eltham and its environs, Darrel Spurgeon, 2000

Picture; Theobolds Cottages, courtesy of Darrel Spurgeon

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