Saturday, 7 July 2018

Lost and forgotten streets of Salford ....... nu 32 the Old Shears Greengate

Now this is a story for which all the credit goes elsewhere.

The picture is another from the camera of John Casey and the description of the pub was taken from that excellent site on the history of Manchester and Salford pubs.

And that is that.

“Described as a dinner time, factory workers type boozer in the 1970s, the Old Shears offered hand-pulled Wilsons plus Carlsberg and Watneys Red for the less discerning drinker. 

The Old Shears on Greengate, just over the River Irwell into the neighbouring city, can be traced back to about 1760.  

The pub was also named the Rising Sun (1805-1809) and the Iron Bridge Tavern (1824). 
Wilsons Brewery took the Old Shears in the 1940s and it thrived until the late 1970s when the nearby bus stations at Chapel Street and under the Greengate arches closed, and the new Trinity Way ring road cut Greengate in half. 

The pub shut for good in 1987 and was derelict and roofless until its demolition in 1993. 
Its location was on Greengate just at the end of New Bridge Street where the car park is now.  

Back in the mid 1800s it would have faced the old Green Gate fruit & veg market here at Salford Cross / Market Cross.”*

Location; Salford

Picture; the Old Shears  circa 1987, from the collection of John Casey

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