Sunday, 8 July 2018

Lost and forgotten streets of Salford ... nu 33 Chapel Street and a question

Now I wonder how many people showed an interest in buying this rather run down property.

And there must have been a lot given that according to the for sale sign “this valuable site [was]on sale extending to the river and with a good frontage.”

We are on that bit of Chapel Street just past the Ship Inn.  Directly next to the block on the left was Hatton’s Court which indeed did lead down to the river.

Back in 1849 the building fronting the river was a tannery which by the 1890s was a sugar refinery.

All of which means that there is more to discover.

For now I am fascinated by the Botanic and Porterstores along with the boot maker with the prices on the window.

Location; Salford

Pictures; Chapel Street, R.Pattreioux,m77250, courtesy of Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives, Manchester City Council,


  1. Hi, My great grandfather was born at 25 Cross Lane. Do you have any pictures?

    Many thanks