Friday, 6 July 2018

Lost and forgotten streets of Manchester .......... nu 4 St Anne's Alley

Now St Ann’s Alley is one of those little walk throughs that it is easy to miss.

Added to which it is not one that I often venture down.

In my case if I am on Police Street I am on my way to Waterstone’s from King Street and likewise if I have come out of St Anns’ Square the quickest way back is past the church and through the alley without wandering down that narrow space.

But having come across this picture I began to wonder about St Ann’s Alley.  It shows up on Casson and Berry’s 1751 map of Manchester and so has been offering up a short cut to Mancunians for centuries.

And after the first few of the new series Antony suggested "Lizard Street, Scotland (and it is just called Scotland), Trumpet Street, Balloon Street, Four Yards and Echo Street," while
Carole Ann Brown offered up "Tassel Alley, off Albert Square." 

Location; St Ann’s Alley, off Police Street, Manchester

Picture; St Ann’s Alley, off Police Street, 2012, from the collection of Andrew Simpson

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