Monday, 9 July 2018

On Eltham High Street in the 1930s

I am back on the High Street sometime in the 1930s, and this is Joan Wilcox behind the counter of the newsagents run by her parents.

The shop was at number 36 and I have to thank her daughter Lesley for permission to reproduce the image.

There will be many who like me remember these traditional shops with the glass cabinets, sturdy wooden counters and much more.

I am hoping that it will bring forth more pictures and perhaps a few memories.

Like those of the old 1950s Woolworths with their heavy island counters wooden floors and that sweet smell I have never been able to track down.

And it may have been pure chance but I seem to remember that when ever we went in we were greeted with the sound of Apache by the Shadows.

Picture; Joan Wilcox, from This is Eltham,

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