Thursday, 5 July 2018

Pictures with no stories ........ no 2 the family on holiday

Now I am fascinated by stories  and more than that the way that a photograph can offer up a story even when there is apparently nothing there.

And this is another one of those.

It comes from a collection of picture postcards which were found by a friend of Ron Stubley who looked after them and recently passed them over to me.

They are a mixed bag, consisting of saucy seaside cards, more than a few of holiday destinations and some which are of a family but have no names and no dates.

Many were sent to addresses in north Manchester from resorts on the Welsh coast and that is about it.

Over the last few months quite a few of them have featured on the blog but until now I have not used those which have no means of identifying the place or the people.

And that brings me to this one.  We are looking at a family snapshot and judging by the sun I am guessing it is a holiday snap taken one summer.

But that is it, leaving me to let you add your own story.

Picture; somewhere on a beach, date unknown, from the collection of Ron Stubley

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