Thursday, 5 July 2018

The Goldsmith Collection ....... no. 1 on the River

Now when our Jillian offered to share her portfolio of photographs with me and the blog I jumped at the offer.

There are some stunning pictures in the collection which makes me very proud of my little sister, but it is also that they capture so many places I grew up with but left behind over forty years ago when I left for Manchester.

So over the next few months I shall be featuring some of her photographs, and for a while at least some will mirror a set of images I took in the 1970s.

And because if you come from south east London you never really get the Thames out of your system, here are the first two, taken in Greenwich this year.

The collection also includes some of the Kent coast and of course Eltham where we grew up and where our Jillian still lives.

I chose these two to start the series because they reflect the changes of the River over the last few decades.

The Naval College and gasometer are still a reassuring features but the sky line has altered out of all recognition from when I worked down at the food factory by the Blackwall Tunnel.

Location; Greenwich

Pictures; the River, 2017 from the collection of Jillian Goldsmith

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