Thursday, 23 August 2018

A message to everyone at the Bulls Head Greengate, 1916 from MC

Now this picture of the Bulls Head will be familiar to many who have a fascination for Salford’s history.

But it has left me perplexed.  The message on the back is dated 1916 and signed M/C and just refers to the Old house at Salford but just to make it a little bit more confusing it had been written in French.

So are we dealing with a soldier away on the Western Front?  And could MC be related to J Charwood whose name also appears on the card.

The obvious starting point is the publican of the Bulls head.  In 1911 this was Thomas Dalton who had been pulling pints as far back as 1901 and maybe even earlier.

A decade earlier he was working the pub with his wife Sarah who at 57 was four years older than him, and they were assisted by their daughter Jane who was 30 years old.

But by 1911 Thomas had a new wife called Harriat who at 32 was thirty-three years is junior and Jane had left.

The key will of course be the directory for 1916 which will show whether Mr or Mrs Dalton were still living in this four roomed house at 47 Greengate.

There is a record of the death of a Thomas Dalton in 1914 which might be him and could explain how the landlord had become J Charwood.

That excellent guide to the history of pubs in Manchester & Salford tells me that it might date from 1590, was still offering up pints in the 1930 and was demolished in 1938.*

Not that I am any closer to finding M/C but maybe I am not too far away with the suggestion from garnet that M/C is just a reference to Manchester which is so obvious it had never occurred to me but never one to pass up advice or hide behind a mistake I am pleased with the correction.

Location; Greengate Salford

Picture; picture postcard of Ye Bulls Head, circa 1916 from the collection of David Harrop

*Pubs of Manchester,

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