Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Another Chorlton coal hole........ now that’s a zippy title

So back by popular demand, here is another in the series of coal hole covers.

A coal hole near you
Once every house and shop had one and now they are a disappearing feature of our streets.

I first wrote about them yesterday *, and Andy found another and sent it over adding “this turned out to be an uninteresting coal-hole. I noticed there were 3 or 4 similar in adjacent houses. I felt a bit nervy taking it......but what the heck”.

Now I have to disagree I think all coal holes are fascinating, but then I don’t get out that much.

So the challenge is, bring on the others Andy and let’s have a Chorlton register of coal holes.... all welcome to contribute.

Location; Chorlton

Picture; another coal hole, Wilbraham Road, 2018, from the collection of Andy Robertson

*So what is the story behind the coal hole covers in Chorlton? https://chorltonhistory.blogspot.co.uk/2018/02/so-what-is-story-behind-coal-hole.html

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