Saturday, 25 August 2018

Forgotten Chorlton ................. nu 3 clocking the changes at the tram terminus on Barlow Moor Road

Now this is the last of the pictures from that excellent site run by Mark Fynn.*

And as a bonus here are two.  I was going to say in the series of then and now, but quite clearly both are from then.

The first will not be that long after the tram terminus was constructed, from what had originally been land belonging to the Holt family who had lived in Beech House from the 1830s till the beginning of the 20th century.

The house and gardens stretched from the corner of Beech Road along Barlow Moor Road to High Lane and then just behind Cross Ross Road.

With the death of Mr Holt the land was sold for development and the Corporation took a strip which became the terminus.

Before that the trams had stopped at Lane End where Sandy Lane and High Lane met Barlow Moor Road.

And with that bit of tram history I will leave you to compare the two pictures, spot the differences that a few decades make to  a scene and take yourself off to the corner of Beech and Barlow Moor Roads and judge how another sixty years have transformed our terminus.

Picture; Barlow Moor Road circa 1900s and again 1950s, courtesy of Mark Fynn

*Mark Fynn,

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