Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Odd facts about Chorlton no 1 ...... when Mr and Mrs Royce lived on Holland Road

Now I like the way that I sometimes get asked to research a bit of Chorlton’s history, at which point I have to declare that it isn’t difficult, it is just a matter of trawling various official documents.

Holland Road, circa 1900
In this case the Rate Books, which I used to finds the address of Mr Frederick Henry Royce,he of the famous Rolls Royce partnership.

It turned out to take just a few minutes and I found Mr and Mrs Royce at 2 Holland Road, which is now Zetland Road from 1893, till February 1898.

The property was owned by Mr John Turner who owned 6 houses on Holland Road.

The annual rent was estimated at £35 and the rateable value was £29 15s.*

The property is still there, and is the first house on the eastern side of Zetland Road, from Corkland Road.

At which point I could go into great detail about the partnership but cars have never really interested me.

So I will leave it at that, only to say I could have taken a picture of the house today, but instead preferred this one, which dates from a little after they had left, and is of course of the other end of Holland/Zetland Road.

It is a scene I guess they would have been familiar with.

I have no idea how Mr Royce got to work, but by 1893 our railway station had been in the business of whisking commuters into the heart of the city in under fifteen minutes.

Location; Chorlton

Picture; Holland Road, circa 1900, from the Lloyd Collection

*Manchester Rate Books, 1893-98

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