Friday, 3 August 2018

Posting a letter at the Worsley Post Office ........ now that’s a zippy title

I am the first to admit that Posting a letter at the Worsley Post Office does not rank high as an imaginative title but there you are, sometimes you just have to say it as it is.

And today I am going to do one of those things I dislike when others post a picture with no supporting notes.

I don’t have a date, or the name of a photographer or anything else which would provide a context, other than that it was marketed by “Boots Cash Chemist” and was from their “Pelham Series.”

It’s not a lot but it does offer something to follow up.

I am not surprised that Boots were selling picture postcards, only that they were doing it so early.

The company was established in 1849, was sold to the American United Drug Company in 1920 and sold back into British hands in 1933.

Not that any of this helps with a date for our Post Office.

But someone will know.

Location; Worsley

Picture; Worsley Post Office, date unknown from the collection of David Harrop

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