Sunday, 12 August 2018

The lost pubs of Salford ............. 1872

Now one of the things that happen so often in researching old newspapers is you get side tracked.

And so yesterday while continuing to trawl the papers for references to Salford’s children’s charity I happened on this little piece of pub history.*

Now I could begin a search for each but that would draw me away from the work of uncovering the history of the Refuge for the new book, so I won’t.**

Instead I will leave it to others to rummage through their collection of pub books or better still come up with memories of some of those listed in the report.

Location; Salford, 1872

Picture; from the Manchester Weekly Times, January 13 1872

*The Manchester & Salford Boys’ and Girls’ Refuges,

**In the midst of plenty ........ two children sleeping rough “one under a Salford Railway arch and the other below an old staircase in a Deansgate entry

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