Saturday, 4 August 2018

Who remembers the McLaren Baptist Church in colour?

Now it is just one of those things that for most of us the past is seen as monochrome images.

And it is doesn’t matter if it is a stylish photograph of one of the great photographers or just a holiday snap, most before the 1920s will be in black and white.

Mr Wikipedia tells me that the first colour photograph was produced in 1861 with experiments dating back another decade.*

But the first widely available colour film dates from the 1930s, leaving us with just the hand coloured images which were really just paitned black and white photographs.

And that brings me to the appeal for a coloured image of McLaren Baptist Church, on Wilbraham Road, which is no longer is with us.

I missed it by just a few years, and I wished I had seen it because its Sunday School was one of our Red Cross Hospitals.**

It, along with all the churches, mission halls, temples and other places of worship in Chorlton will feature in a new book by Peter Topping and I.

So here is the appeal.  If you have a colour picture of the McLaren Baptist Church, or for that matter any of the churches, mission halls, temples and other places of worship in Chorlton please let us know.

The earlier the picture the better, but any colour photograph will be welcomed.

You can leave a message on the blog under comment, or contact either of us on facebook.

Location; Chorlton;

Picture; Baptist McLaren Church, 1920, from the Lloyd Collection

*Colour Photography,

** The Red Cross hospitals of Chorlton during the Great War,

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  1. There was a baby clinic at the Maclaren. We used to take our new-born for regular midwife checkups in 1971. Now she's a 47 yr old paramedic at Sharston. Doesn't time fly !