Saturday, 29 September 2018

On the Thames in the summer of 1978

I have never lost my love of the river.

We never lived far from the Thames and of course trips to town took you either under it or more likely over it, and once we moved to Eltham there was always the ferry.

So this picture taken by my friend Jean in 1978 is quite special.

It was taken from Greenwich Pier and back then our Ian still lived just a few minute’s walk away in a block of flats hard by the Cutty Sark.

Now I fully admit to be an old fashioned romantic but I do try and avoid the trap of nostalgia.

The river could be a grey, cold and at times dangerous place, both if you lived close by or made a living from working the ships, tending the barges or in the warehouses that stretched along its shoreline.

But that said Jean’s picture perfectly captures the place I remember and for that more than deserves to be here on the blog.

Location; Woolwich, London

 Picture; from the collection of Jean Gammons

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