Friday, 12 February 2016

A story of British Home Children in just 20 objects nu 1 ..........a report on a Home Child

A report on a home child, 1915
A story of British Home Children in just 20 objects which are in no particular order, have been selected purely at random and will reflect one of many different stories.

Anyone who wants to nominate their own is free to do so, just add a description in no more than 200 words and send it to me.

This is a report on my great uncle, shortly after he was placed by the Middlemore Home with S.V. Griffiths who farmed in New Brunswick.

Such reports were supposed to be completed on each child and sent back to  the charity or Poor Law Union which sent the young person.

This did not always happen and concerns were raised by the socialist Guardians on the board of the Chorlton Poor Law that no reports had been sent back to Manchester on children in their care.

In the case of my great uncle two such reports have survived, neither of which is complimentary about his behaviour, but given his background before he left for Canada I doubt we should be surprised.

Picture; from the collection of Andrew Simpson

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