Thursday, 15 December 2011

The great debate on the oldest business in Chorlton. Has the Co-op got it?

In the great sweep of historical debate and controversy, the question of which was the oldest shop here in Chorlton may be small beer, but it’s local, and lots of people will know and use all the businesses who are being championed. Yesterday there were two candidates put forward and today Philip has come up with a new slant. It appears says Philip "Pepperdines have had several offices in the area, some at the same time, presumably different members of the family, I remember one on Seymour Grove. There was one in Chorlton for many years, but I can't tell you when it started without going to the library and looking in the trade directories. It was in the house which is now Robin Burman & Co. Solicitors, on Barlow Moor Road." So there you have it no doubt this will run.

And if you read the story from yesterday you will have read Lawrence's comment. The Coop on the corner of Hardy Lane and Barlow Moor Road was opened in 1929, so the Co-op have it. Well the purists out there will no doubt correct me by saying that the Hardy Lane shop was opened by the Manchester & Salford Equitable

Co-operative Society which has since been merged with other societies, so not the orginal start up then. Are we about to enter that great Medieval debate on how many angels could dance on a pin? Either way you can read lots more about the Hardy Lane store at

Picture; Hardy Lane Co-op Store, March 1959, R E Stanley, m17538, Courtesy of Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives, Manchester City Council.

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