Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Walking in Alexandra Park in the summer of 2014

Now yesterday I was reflecting on Alexandra Park and the Whalley Hotel.

And as promised I have decided to post some of Andy Robertson’s pictures of the park during its recent make over.

Some of the money went to restoring the lodge, and some on clearing back overgrown bushes and trees as well as improving the lake.

There are now more benches throughout the park as well as new play area, and tennis courts.*

And as ever in the run up to the parks grand reopening at the end of August Andy was there to record the transformation.

So over the next few weeks as we go into that mellow part of the year with warm sunny days I shall post a series of his pictures of the a work in progress.

All of which just leaves a visit to see the finished work before too many of the leaves have fallen.

Pictures; from the collection of Andy Robertson

*Alexandra Park to fully reopen after £4.5m revamp, July 28 2014, Amy Glendinning

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