Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Telephones Boxes I have known ............. part 3 Howarth, Yorkshire

The continuing series on telephone boxes I have known and by extension ones that have caught the attention of others.*

This one is in Howarth close to the home of the Bronte’s, and we were there one Sunday a few years ago.

The weather was kind, the tourists out in full flow and on the steps was a man reciting chapters from the Bible.

All of which just leaves me to say the series will run until we have exhausted the pictures.

Already there have been promises of pictures from Peckham, Windsor and Covenant Gardens and with a bit of luck there will also be some  stories.

After all for many of us they weren't just a place to make a telephone call but were where you arranged to meet up with friends and even places to take shelter when the rain came down like stair rods.

And in those long far away days they were also the safe place to make that intimate conversation with the new love of your life following up on the night in the cinema and perhaps taking the romance to to the next step.

But enough of this, back to the Bronte's, not that I can add much about the day we went to Howarth.

The vicarage and the graveyard is well worth going to see, the gift shops, pubs and restaurants were welcoming enough and the views across the Yorkshire landscape were stunning.

So not much else to say.

Pictures; in Howarth with a telephone kiosk and a man with a bible, 2013, from the collection of Andrew Simpson

*Telephone Kiosks, http://chorltonhistory.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Telephone%20Kiosks

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