Monday, 15 August 2016

Lost and forgotten streets of Salford nu 2 ............ Barlow’s Croft

Barlow's Croft, 2016
Now I have to say if I lived on Barlow Croft back in the 1850s I might have been a tad miffed that my street didn’t get into the street directory.

After all we had a pub on the corner, named after the hero of Trafalgar, and a shedload of houses including a closed court as well as the Union Iron Works.

But then like all the unknown heroes of Trafalgar who never got into the history books the residents of Barlow Croft or Barlow’s Croft as it is now were clearly not worthy of a mention.

And that is a shame.  So later in the month I shall go looking for them on the census for 1851.

But for now we shall just have to settle for this picture taken a few days ago and a detail of the street from the 1849 OS map.

Barlow Croft, 1849
Of course there is always the Rover's Return on the corner, so named after that other pub with the same name, and which was the Lord Nelson, when some of our unknown residents may have sat and talked of naval histories and the price of fish.

Location; Salford 3

Pictures; Barlow's Croft, 2016 from the collection of Andrew Simpson and in 1849 from the OS for Manchester & Salford, 1842-49 courtesy of Digital Archives Association,

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