Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Views from Castlefield Deansgate Metro stop Nu 1 ............ ones I wish I had taken

Now I like these pictures of Andy’s because it captures perfectly, the past, present and future.

Added to which I tried taking one from the same spot and it was a dismal failure.

So for those who like canals here is the Rochdale Canal heading off across the city to the Dale Street Basin, while for those who spend time in Deansgate Locks there to the left is one of the bars, and off into the distance the new build beside the older and still impressive 19th century building with its very fine windows.

Lastly just on picture is that new development by Axis at the side of Albion Street which promises “28 storeys” with “360 living unrivalled views” which will no doubt rival the Beetham Tower for a tirade of appalled comments alongside paeans of praise.

For now I will just stick the canal, completed in 1804 which offers the fit and hardy nine locks to open and close from the Dale Street Basin down to Castlefield and the last at the Dukes Lock.

Location; Manchester

Pictures; views from Castlefield Deansgate Metro stop, 2016 from the collection of Andrew Simpson

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