Friday, 5 August 2016

So where is this hole in the ground?

It is a lesson in not only naming a picture but giving some detail. 

I should know I have shed loads of photographs which might as well have been taken on the moon because I never bothered to date them or give them a title.

Andy Robertson is better than me, he does name his pictures with a brief description  but the passage of twenty years can be a century when it comes to locating it today.

“I took this about 1996. 

My caption says Pall Mall behind Cross Street. I can't quite place it, can you?

The white building in the background should be a clue. That black tower centre left looks like it has come from the top a building or else it is a fancy public convenience?”

And that is the question.  No prizes just the satisfaction of helping the two of us name the hole and discover what is there now.

But we would like my old maths teacher used to say “show us your working out”, which in this case means a couple of sentences explaining how you came to the answer.

And quick as a flash with in an hour or so of the post being published we had a suggestion with a link to the map and its location.

So for those who want to go the next step just scroll down to the comments box and follow that yellow brick road, or in the case the link to google street maps.

Picture;  a hole in the ground, 1996 from the collection of Andy Robertson

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