Saturday, 29 September 2018

Views from around Victoria Bridge ........ that other place

We will all have our own special bridge across the river that takes you from Salford into Manchester.

I will stand on the fence and just say I like them all, from the old Victorian ones to those exciting swirling footbridges which seem to keep popping up.

That said I do like Victoria Bridge, because it affords pretty impressive views of the new developments on both sides of the water.

Now whatever you think of those new developments they are going up a pace, and while I miss the earlier Victorian and Edwardian ones, some of these had pretty much had their day.

And it is also worth noting that the Victorians showed scant regard for what had been there before.

So here is the first of Andy Robertson’s new series on Views from Victoria Bridge,

Location; Salford

Picture; looking out of Salford 2017 from the collection of Andy Robertson

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  1. A view of Victoria Bridge taken from the recently demolished building is right at the start of this short video from 1974.