Thursday, 22 December 2016

A pub book for Christmas .....Manchester Pubs - The Stories Behind The Doors .. available now

Well it’s been a long time in coming but here today is the book that tells the story of 78 iconic Manchester pubs and drinking places.

When we set out to write the book I don’t think that either of us had any idea just what we would uncover about the pubs, the people who ran them and drank in them or about the area they are situated in.

But two years on, and a lot of research, visits to the 78 and conversations with shed loads of people we are proud to announce that it is finished.

The first thirty copies arrived yesterday and within three hours only four were left.and today a pallet load will be delivered at Peter’s house.

Now I could say more but if you have been following the stories on the blog* you will know all about the book, and if not follow this link to the site with all the details of how to buy it.**

“I am” to quote someone else “so excited.”

And if you act quickly it could be a stocking filler or the book to read just after the Queen’s speech.
Enough said.

*Manchester Pubs - The Stories Behind The Doors City Centre, Peter Topping and Andrew Simpson,
ISBN 978 0 995705 50 0 Price £18.99,

You can order the book at 

The book can also be obtained from  Chorlton Bookshop,  0161 881 6374

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