Thursday, 15 December 2016

Looking for Madge Addy from Chorlton

Now the search for Madge Addy has got just that bit more complicated and that is problem.

Madge Addy, 1938
In 1938 she was working in Chorlton cum Hardy before she left for Spain and a hospital ward where she tended the sick and wounded during the Civil War.

Later she went on to work for the Special Operations Executive in occupied France risking her life aiding escaping allied soldiers and carrying secret documents even travelling on German commercial flights.

For these brave exploits she was awarded the OBE.

She died in 1970 but her passing appears to have gone unrecorded by the media and so because of this and her remarkable work in Spain and France there is moves to place a blue plaque here in Chorlton.

And here is the rub because so far all attempts to locate where she lived in Chorlton have drawn a blank.

Ms Addy doesn’t appear in the directories for 1938 or the 1939 Register, leaving just an appeal for anyone who might know her and there are no references to her address on the newspaper article of the time.

And all this matters because there are moves to commemorate her with that blue plaque which it is hoped could be fixed to the house she lived in.

So at present that leaves the appeal for anyone who may have known her.

Location; Chorlton-cum-Hardy

Picture; Miss Addy, 1938

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