Monday, 19 December 2016

Stories behind the book ........ nu 2 the story that escaped

An occasional series on how the book Manchester Pubs was written.*

Now I say it escaped but it was more that it found us after the book had been written.

And it is just one of those things you know will happen.

However much you research a topic, and talk to interested parties there will always be something that comes too late to be included.

But given that we are self publishing the book, there is no reason why in the second edition this mirror from the Band on the Wall should not find a spot.

Some will say that this was poor planning but not so.  It was more a case or revisiting a favourite one of Peter’s pubs on a night when the music caught his fancy.

And in an interval having bought a round his attention was caught by the mirror.

I could of course at this stage reveal a fascinating interview with Paul Mitchell-Davidson  who features in the book, but as that was a story we included you will have to go off and by Manchester Pubs sold out its first print run in a month and is now available again.**

Picture; the mirror from Band on the Wall, 2016, Peter Topping

*Manchester Pubs - The Stories Behind The Doors – City Centre, Peter Topping and Andrew Simpson,
ISBN 978 0 995705 50 0 Price £18.99,

You can order the book at 

The book can also be obtained from  Chorlton Bookshop,  0161 881 6374

**Paul Mitchell-Davidson,

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