Sunday, 5 April 2015

You can never have enough history walks ............. today at 3pm the story of New Chorlton

Now I never tire of doing history walks.

It’s that mix of sharing the stories of the place you have lived for almost 40 years with the pleasure of meeting new people and yes a bit of showing off.

That said there is always that few hours of reflection when you wonder how it will go and above all what the weather will do.

Over the last five years I have walked the fields and lanes of Chorlton recreating what it was like to live here in the 1840s and who you might have to be polite to.

And I have walked the walk it in the blistering heat, in the slow slide into twilight and above all when the rain has come down like stair rods.

Today I think will be one of those near perfect days, which will be neither too hot or cold, and which promises not to rain.

And for those who want to know about New Chorlton and the transformation of where we live from rural community to suburb of Manchester today’s talk and walk should do that.

It will be a gentle stroll from the Post Box Cafe starting at 3, down to the Four Banks and on to the Library and back via Oswald Road and Wilbraham Road to the Cafe.

Along the way there will be stories of the plans for our new Library lost when the Titanic sank in 1912 a few rural tales mixed with the murder of young Francis Deakin, and a look at the site of our own Ice rink and the first cinema in Chorlton which offered “flicks” of daring do just a few years after the death of the old Queen.

All starting with that railway station and a bomb story.

And because it is Easter there will be an Easter egg hunt organised by Chris and the staff at the Cafe, all details at the Post Box Cafe site.*

Pictures; from the collection of Andrew Simpson and Alan Brown


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