Monday, 9 May 2016

One of those scenes of the High Street that has passed out of living memory

This is another of those scenes of our High Street which I suspect has long faded from living memory.

We are standing a little past the junction with Well Hall Road, looking east and the grand house in the centre of the photograph is Sherard House.*

It went in 1923 when the Nat West Bank was built on the site and was followed by the Congregational Church which made way for that large and grand shop which was Burton’s in 1937.

It is a wonderful image because it takes us back to that time when the  big houses of the people with plenty dominated the High Street.

Most have now gone but a few are left, although all have been much knocked about.

*Sherard House and Church Row in Eltham in 1841 and Richard White census enumerator,
Picture; courtesy of Kristina Bedford from her new book Eltham Through Time, Amberley Publishing, 2013,

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