Sunday, 31 May 2020

Down an alley ……..

Now if I were seven again, I rather think I might have been drawn off Beech Road and down the alley.

Down the alley, 2020

One day I will go and search its history, but for now I am content to record that back in 1969 it belonged to Ken Allen who used it as a store for his shop at 115 Beech Road.

Ken Allen, circa 1970s
And back in 1939 it was occupied by Abbot and Connie Palliaser.  Mr. Pallisaser described himself as a  “Furniture dealer Motor Engineer by Trade”, who may well have taken over the property from Harris and Son “decorators who were there in 1911.

A search of the Rate Books will tell me more, and I am inclined also to go looking for Mrs. Annie Dennis who shared 115 with the Palliasers in 1939.  She described herself as a widow with no occupation who had been born in 1872.

I grant you that this search may not be as exciting as the adventure I could have taken back when I was seven and furtively wandered into the alley, but perhaps less scary.

Location; Beech Road

Picture; down an alley, 2020, from the collection of Andrew Simpson, and Ken Allen, circa 1970 , courtesy of Lawrence Beedle

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