Thursday, 28 March 2013

THE EASTER EGG HISTORY HUNT .... a first for Chorlton

Now here is a way of learning a bit more about the history of Chorlton with a family day out. 

The Easter Egg History Hunt starts and finishes at The Post Box Cafe Chorlton and takes in the GLAD TO BE IN CHORLTON History Trail with stories of the past by historian Andrew Simpson and paintings of the present by local artist Peter Topping.

So the challenge is to visit each of the eight sites listed below, answer a question about each venue and get back with the answers to the Post Box Cafe Chorlton.

You can do it in one day or over the whole of Easter. And you don’t have to do it in any order.

But as a historian I rather think you should start on the green with the Horse & Jockey in the 16th century and make your way via Beech Road in the 1830s, and finish in the Chorlton of the 20th century.

Now that of course is how I would do it, Peter I rather think fancies the scenic route and Chris at the cafe will just be there at the Post Box to judge the results.

EASTER EGG HISTORY HUNT, March 29th to April 1st,, A GLAD TO BE IN CHORLTON EVENT Sponsored by The Post Box Cafe

Some venues may not be open all of Easter

Stories by Andrew, graphics by Peter and food by Chris

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