Monday, 5 October 2015

One more lost scene of Chorlton ......... from the winter of 1963-4

It was taken in the winter of 1963-4 from the back upstairs window of Ida Bradshaw’s house on Neale Road.

Today the view would be obscured by the flats of Lawngreen, but back then it was all that was left of the farm yard, workshops and land of the farm which had fronted the parish graveyard for two hundred years.

To the right in the background is the Bowling Green Hotel, to the left the houses which face Brookburn Road. 

And away in the distance are the meadows.

 What is perhaps remarkable are the buildings on the horizon just left of centre.

 These I think were the homes of the sewage workers and stood just to the left of the little footbridge across Chorlton Brook.

It is still possible to make out a break in the hedge where the garage of the properties was situated. There are those in Chorlton who remember living in one of them.
Nerdy perhaps, but still real living history. If anyone has any pictures of Chorlton I would love to see them.

Picture; from the back upstairs window on Neale Road from the collection of Ida Bradshaw

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