Thursday, 1 October 2015

The bank that was a pub on Deansgate .............. and a story I should have known more about

Now yesterday I was on Deansgate with the building which is at present Santander and like Andy who took the picture I was puzzled about its origins.*

Over the years I thought it might have been a pub or a mission hall, and to help us on our way Andy’s daughter dug out some pictures from the 1970s and 80s showing the building as a bank and later as part of the new office development which was being constructed in 1988.

If I thought more carefully I would have remembered that it had been the  Alliance and Leicester Building Society and perhaps gone looking on Pubs of Manchester which is that excellent site for all things to do with our pubs past and present.**

According to the site our building was indeed the Dog and Partridge which shows up on the old directories and maps of Deansgate

But the added bonus was a link to the memories of Pete Bradshaw who was born in the pub when in 1959. ***

All of which just leaves me to thank Dan Granata who posted a picture of the pub on facebook following my first story.

So there you have it ............ a fine bit of team and a lesson in always doing more research.

And for those interested in the vanished streets of Manchester there is a whole new story about what that office development wiped away, but as they say that is for another time and perhaps a few more of Andy's pictures

Picture; our building on Deansgate in 2015, from the collection of Andy Robertson

*Looking for the story of that building on Deansgate,

**Pubs of Manchester,

***Pete Bradshaw,,471883.0.html

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